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Continuous Sludge Removal Filter  
APPLICATION: - Copper rich solution recovery & Leach Liquor Sludge handling

TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd provides Linear Continuous Sludge Recovery filter. It has deep, trough shaped, vacuum trays. Thesetrays form the support for the filter cloth, which is in the form of an endless belt. The belt moves thorough the filter in short steps during which period the vacuum is momentarily switched off.

To do this vacuum valve is closed, vent valve is opened and the discharge roller moves forward drawing the cloth with it. In the outboard position the valves reverse thus reapplying vacuum and the discharge roller retracts slowly discharging the cake. The vacuum trays are deep troughs in which the cloth lies and cakes up to 25/30 mm thick can be accommodated without risk of spillage. The non-return roller locks the return cloth. The length of cloth which is being displaced comes from the tensioning system, and floating roller is moved. As soon as the discharge roller is free, and the floating roller moves from position. The filter cloth is being washed in a washing box; flat jet sprays wash the cloth from either face or back. The cloth tracking consisting of two opposing sets of pinch rollers keep the filter cloth on an exact course.

Fastest payback period
Easy of handling
Automation helps in filtration, cake washing, cake drying.
Techno- Economic compared to most expensive designed systems.
Fewer moving parts than other filters.
Simple controls with total integrity
Easy and low cost maintenance
Low spares consumption
Lightly tensioned cloth - low cost
Low floor loadings – low structural cost
Fast filtration cycles minimize cake thickness for maximum production and cake washing efficiency and drying.
Heavy duty construction meets and exceeds special demands of 24 hour continuous operation.
Filtration surfaces are visible at all times minimizing operation attention.
Extractor filters can be located on one floor, saving on plant space and construction costs.
Drainage belts are uniquely designed for each application to suit the process and environment.
Important belt characteristics include: - Uniform filtration - Mechanical strength - Chemical resistance
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Gas Filtration
Nozzle Protection
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