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Electrolyte Filtration System  

Controlling the level of impurities is essential to the efficient production of high purity copper in electro-refining and electro-winning operations. The contaminants that are problematic can differ depending upon the composition of the feedstock.

Typical contaminants found in electro-refining and electro-winning operations are :

The standard procedure is to continuously or periodically bleed off de-copperized electrolyte in order to maintain contaminants at an acceptable level. While this solves the contaminant problem, significant quantities of valuable chemicals are lost. In some cases, highly acidic waste spent electrolyte must be neutralized with caustic or lime, resulting in large quantities of waste sludge which must be disposed.


In copper refinery slime is killing the quality of cathode affecting dispatch-ability of cathode, hence it is advantageous to filter the electrolyte.

Very fine slime particles i.e. two micron and below have not mud of effect and the selected micron rating is two micron.


For handling high volume sludge there are several Hi-Fi technologies available but the handling of those systems and economics in terms of maintenance & management is very tough hence very conventional design FOTI is adopted for such application. This design is labour intensive because the slime particles are in the range of 15-2 micron with any automation sludge handling becomes tedious and expensive.
“FOTI” system remove the contaminants present in the electrolyte bleed in order to recycle the electrolyte. In some cases, the contaminant can be converted into a valuable by-product.
The benefits resulting from TFI Electrolyte Purification Systems are:
Increased electrolyte purity (lower contaminant level)
Higher cathode purity
Increased electrolytic process efficiency (lower voltage/higher current efficiency)
Reduced sulfuric acid purchases
Reduced lime purchases
Reduced waste treatment costs
Revenue from sale of valuable by products
Technical Service and Support
On-site commissioning supervision, performance demonstration, and operator training.
Performance monitoring and technical support program.
24/7 telephone access to technical services support.
Extensive spare parts inventory for next day shipment of most replacement parts.
From consultation to after-sales service in 8 operating phases:
Specialized technical support
Research and materials testing
Design and engineering
Production and transport
Installation and testing
Personnel instruction
“Full Service” programmed maintenance
Prompt after sales assistance
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