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1. Pharmaceutical Industry:-
Compressed air, Nitrogen, Steam filtration : 5,2,1,0.5 micron filtration.
Sterile Water, high purity water, distilled water : 1,0.5,0.2 micron filtration.
TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd offers : Sintered SS 316L, PP Pleated, PTFE absolute filter media.
Raw Water, DM Water, DI Water, R.O. Purification : 10,5,1 micron filtration.
TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd offers : Yarn Wound, Spun bonded, PP Pleated filter media.
Air, vent filter for water tank : 0.5,0.2 micron.
TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd offers : Sintered SS 316L filter media.
Feed Stock chemical, process chemical, final product filtration.
TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd offers : Sintered Ss 316L Powder/Fiber filter media.
SS 316L, SS 304 Filter Housings, SS 316 Sonicates, SS 316 Disc Filter, R & D and Laboratory filter units.
TFI Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd offers : SS 316L metallic membrane in lieu of paper membrane media.
Cleanable & Reusable filters and systems.
PTFE / PP lining or coating filter housing.
2. Dyes & Intermediate Industry:-
R.O. Water primary filtration.
Cloths for filter press.
Dyeing liquid filtration.
Raw chemical, final product filtration.
Blower dust collector.
Cooling water filtration.
Aggressive chemical filtration.
Salt water filtration. (Brine)
Sulpheric acid filtration.
3. Petrochemical Industry:- POY / FDY / CP
Compressed air, gas, nitrogen filtration.
Basket strainer, duplex filters.
PTA dust collector filter cartridges.
EG, Catalyst, Modifier, UFPP filtration.
HTM, HTF filtration.
RO, DM, DI water filtration.
Y type strainers, basket filters.
Spin finish emulsion filtration.
Ultrasonic cleaning machines.
Bubble point test apparatus.
AHU filters, Panel filters.
DG set filters, Lube oil filters.
Instrument panel filtration.
DM water band filter media.
Lube oil, Gear oil filtration.
4. Textile Industry:-
Caustic filtration.
Hot water filtration.
Compressed air/gas filtration.
Effluent water filtration.
RO, DM, DI water filtration.
Water softner.
Dust collector filter systems, cartridges.
5. Metal industry:-
Machining centre coolant filtration.
Non Woven coolant filter media.
Washing solution filters.
Pleated paper filters.
Dust collectors filters.
Cooling water filtration.
Lube oil, gear oil filtration.
Cooling water filtration.
Effluent water filtration.
Compressed air filtration.
DM, RO water filtration.
Grinding etc. machining coolant, cold rolling / hot rolling coolant, component washing coolant.
6. Power Plant:-
Intake air filtration.
Duplex filters for lube oil filtration.
Compressed air filtration.
Compressor oil, water & suction filters.
Cooling tower water filtration.
Basket strainers.
AHU Filters.


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Gas Filtration
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